Journal Jan- Jun 2021 Vol. XLII No.1

The Contradictory Colonial Space: Remaking Rural Punjab 1892-1912, Aysha Shafiq

Curriculum Reform and Religious Education: A Study of Jamia Khair ul Madaris, Multan, Fakhar Bilal

Colonial Administrative Control, Collaboration and Underdevelopment in Colonial Punjab, Saadia Sumbal

Politics through the Pulpit: The ‘Ulamā’ and the Cawnpore, Shahid Ganj and Manzil Gah Mosques Incidents, Mujeeb Ahmad, Safi Ullah Khan Marwat

Dawn of Parliamentary Democracy: A Study of the First Elected National Assembly of Pakistan, Rahat Zubair Malik

Opposition’s Dominant Voice: Mian Iftikhar-ud-Din’s Stance on Constitutional Issues, Kausar Parveen

Resilience or Assimilation: A Critical Analysis of the Burial Practices of Kalasha in Pakistan, Muhammad Kashif Ali, Muhammad Iqbal Chawla

An Analytical Study of Islamiyat Textbooks in Punjab, Pakistan, Javed Ali Kalhoro

Camouflage and Colonialism: The Tiger and the Persistence of Colonial Archive, Mona Khan

Sutlej Valley Project of the State of Bahawalpur: Transition from Inundation Canals to Weir-based Irrigation in the Context of Imperialist Policy and Global Upshot, Zahra Akram Hashmi

Devolution of Power in Pakistan: A Critical Appraisal of Musharraf Regime, Shafique Ahmed Khan, Syed Faisal Hyder Shah

The Ultimate Arbiter of the Institution of Executive: Parliament or Supreme Court?, Asmatullah Marwat, Kalim Ullah Marwat

Judicial System in Kashmir: A Critical Analysis of Mughal Period, Adnan Rahman, Sania Muneer

Political Economy of Party Politics in Hybrid Regime: Evidences from Pakistan, Amir Zia, Tahir Mahmood