PJHC is a high ranked, well reputed, research journal in Social Sciences and provides open access to all the knowledge seekers in the discipline of Social Sciences, History, Culture, Language, Mysticism etc. PJHC has no charges for submission, processing, reviewing or consulting so far.

The PJHC has got a very comprehensive Publication Policy with quite a rigorous process of evaluation and Double Blind Peer Reviewing. We have an internal review committee consisting of the Editor, Associate Editors and Assistant Editors. The committee recommends an article for evaluation after preliminary assessment. The article then goes through a cycle of evaluation, review and proof reading.

We send an acknowledgement letter which is routinely forwarded to the author(s) just after receiving an article, to inform the author that the article is being sent for peer review. Then the article is sent to three appropriate scholars. Articles are evaluated on the recommendations of nationally and internationally known referees belonging to the corresponding disciplines. It is a prescribed policy of the institute that the internal committee recommends at least two international reviewers with one local for the evaluation of every article. If they recommend changes and suggestions, the article is sent back to the author for revision. After positive recommendation from the reviewers, an article is accepted for publication in the Pakistan Journal of History and Culture (PJHC). This whole process may take a year or so. We keep the authors updated about all the updates. However, they have all the right to ask about their article whenever they want.



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